We are beeIT

A new, modern approach to IT, trying to pollinate with technology all kind of small businesses.

We are using technology and making this use relevant to the business, your business, to bring more value from everything you do, everything we do.

We work towards automating repeatable tasks and proactive managed IT services so people are evolved more to real tasks they do. We work towards transforming your business to a data driven one.

We are enabling agile IT processes to increase agility and alignment with the business. At the same time, we remain consistent, as consistency brings quality.

We are connecting people with technology and we are putting all our effort to eliminate technophobia and digital illiteracy.

Common goal is success!


We are proud to promote ourselves as the ones who do things! We don’t only try to discover but also to overcome obstacles. We have the vision and the will to run things!

Individual Approach

Approach methodologies may have many common aspects, but every organization – no matter the size – is unique! As every market has its own needs, so every organization. People, mentalities, diversifications, variations, religions, budget, business needs are all differentiator factors and make every business case different! We look no further from your business needs!

Modern Technologies

We don’t serve technology, we serve our customers, you! We do, however, use the most up-to-date, tested technology that works for others, so it can work for you too and we shape it to fit your own needs.

Complex Solutions

Legacy, outdated and obsolete systems, procedures and approaches can be found all around. Mixed with modern technologies can produce a really unpredictably mixture of complexity! As an old College teacher insisted, simple engineering is good engineering! We try to simplify complexity and converge huge complex cases to smaller ones, easy to control and understand.


Web Design, Social Media, SEO

Either it’s a simple or inehirits complexity, your site is your first point of contact as it’s your business on the web. So it has to be modern, attractive and it has to be a fully interactive one. Compliment it with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. to be compliant with today’s basics. We can design it with you and add your flavor to taste the way you want. We can even keep updating it for you, as your business changes and make sure that you will be on the top or among the top of the results when new or existing customers are looking for you or someone like you.

We can create and promote your full digital presence in Google. Let’s do it!

Commercial Management Applications

Commercial management or ERP is the most significant tool not only for every day work but for forecasting future needs. Among others, we are working closely with Data Consulting and suggest Vortex Suite as a commercial management platform (CM). It can be adjusted to work from a single user up to the number of users your organization employees. We fine-tune it to fulfill your business needs and work with you, either you work on premise or on the cloud. It’s your own business application fellow! With modules that covers areas like Field Service Management (FSM), Project Management (PM), Customer Relationships Management (CRM), HelpDesk Ticketing (HT) and E-Commerce, your business is fully covered! Ease of every day work flow, fully agile to add new fields and full reporting are among others, Vortex highlights!


The Anypoint and Network security solutions we usually offer, are designed from scratch to fit your needs and your budget, while keeping you safe from digital dangers of any kind. Among others, we are working closely with top of the top company Trend Micro so to be able to fully protect your digital assets no matter the size, to fully protect your organization. Either it’s a single server and/or some workstations, or email server(s) and workloads on premise and/or to any cloud, a solution that fits your needs and suits your budget can be designed just for you. Working from home has never been safer as the very same solutions can be applied to protect your home equipment (pc, laptops, smartphones) and your family (parental control).

We pay attention to security, to avoid paying for our work! Let’s put security where it deserves to be, everywhere!


We can study and diagnose your business bottlenecks and repetitive tasks that keeps you from doing what you are intent to do, by designing an application that will take advantage of nowadays agile methodologies that will run on your existing devices and help you overcome obstacles. We know how!


IP telephony has ushered in the development of unified communications solutions which can provide a complete communications package all in one, to be ran over a single network and on one platform. This means that businesses can easily manage calls, use video conferencing, collaborate, chat and more through a single service.

Covid-19 caught businesses unprepared for remote work. Employees started using their personal messaging apps to communicate with colleagues and customers. It works to an extent, but personal information (status, phone number etc) is disclosed and you are unable to record and log calls. IP telephony has tremendous benefits for remote work, without limited by the style of work. With the iOS and Android apps, business communications are no longer tied to the office building. Take your extension with you anywhere and work on-the-go. Make and receive calls, chat with colleagues, start a video call on the fly and ensure your customers are satisfied even if you’re working remote.

Among others, we are working closely with Allwan communications and suggest Yeastar as the preffered IP-Telephony solution, due to it’s scalability, enhanced features and significant savings.

Let’s transform our telephony to digital and take our extension with us! Let’s do it!


Is it a server, a printer, a network device, a personal pc or laptop or your smartphone either business or personally owned? Is it the business wired or wireless network or your home one that has issues?  You want to repair, upgrade, replace? You want a power protection (UPS, AVR) for your business and/or your home? Nothing is that simple, unless someone describe and analyse needs, like we do, so to provide the most accurate solution, within your budget. Just ask us!


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